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How to Register and Sign-in

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How do I answer a message sent to my Ad?
You will get response directly to your registered email address.

Do I need to register to post Ads?
No, you can post ad without registration, but you have to provide a valid email address to get activation email from Mynewnet and responses of your requirements

What is My Account at MyNewNet?
If you register at Mynewnet you can access “My Account” with a login ID/Password to manage your account.

What benefits do I have if I register on MyNewNet?
If you register at Mynewnet you can access “My Account” with a login ID/Password. Here are the benefits you obtain.
Allowed more ads to post than an unregister account.
Edit / Delete or Repost your Expired ads.
View Active / Non-Active ad list
Create Watch List
Make/See Payment Transaction made at Mynewnet for feature ads or Other.
Contact directly to Mynewnet Team

How can I Sign In on MyNewNet?
There is “Sign In” tab in the top right corner of the website, click on it and enter your email address and password to login if you are a registered member.

How do I create / change my password?
You can enter numeric or alphabetical character. To secure your password, it should be in length of 6-16 characters. Please don’t use your birthday or simple numbers like 123456 or abcdef as password. You can change your password from here My Account > Change the password.

I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

Click on “Sign In” > “Forget Password”. It forward to a page and will ask your registration email address to get the password and then click “Proceed”. It will display a successful message, that “Your password has been sent to your email address”.