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Date Listed: March 31, 2020
Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400093, India
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In previous times keeping one password was in trend. But it was quite difficult to remember for so long and that put a bad effect on our work. Sometimes the effect is that much which results in losses in all the data or our accounts may be blocked too. In order to keep data safe and secured many companies adopted 2-factor authentication or two-step verification process. The first step is, as usual, login id or user name but in the second step on registered mobile number OTP is delivered and the user is asked to enter a One-time password.
An OTP is a dynamic string generated automatically via the technological mechanism. One time password is a set of numeric or alphanumeric characters temporarily used in the validation of the user for a login session or a single transaction. Identity theft has become a headache for so long due to which there seems severe loss in billions. To prevent user personal data and easy authentication various companies like Google, Paytm, Amazon and banking portals use OTP services. Modification of the older password system added extra security layer and now only verified users are allowed to access a particular site. Most of the companies or firms know the advantages of 2FA which forced then to adopt the technique and who have not yet adopted are also looking forward. As we are aware that the mobile phone has become an important part of life and everyone carries it. The SMS feature of the mobile phone is very popular and acts as the most used functionality. Being a matter of security and privacy OTP is always sent on the registered mobile number of customers via SMS. Among another channel of communication like email, SMS be on priority as it uses standard communication protocol and speedily delivered. Bulksmsserviceproviders is the best OTP SMS service provider with low cost and guarantee for 100% delivery on time. Through the OTP SMS system password generated are unique and instant. One time password SMS is temporarily used and are useless after single entry. In tradition, process password is easily investigated but applying 2FA in second step attacker access will be failed due to OTP SMS. Two-factor authentication strengthens the safety measures because of which it is enabled by several online processes. When a user create a new account or does login apart from username and password they are asked to Punch a code sent through SMS. 2 Factor authentication method is strongly utilized OTP bank sector, e-commerce or online booking. When any person authenticates transaction he should first enter OTP then only he can make payment. Even in online booking of movie tickets or personal transport, OTP is a must. Uses of OTP are not limited till this fields but they are also very essential when someone sends sensitive data, wish to change password, reactivate user account, want to make changes in details given before, make access to parcel without login, secure user sensitive data and verification of user details or membership. OTP SMS are themselves protected by strong security protocols, so it’s the logical option to choose this technique. OTP SMS implementation is the best way to protect and authenticate securely in an easy-going manner.

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