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Description: Eximiousnovel My Youth Began With Him online - Chapter 4603 - Su Yu's Additional Story (53) hysterical baby propose-p2 merchants or merchant's Novel-My Youth Began With Him-My Youth Began With HimChapter 4603 - Su Yu's Additional Story (53) ill-informed unhealthyChapter 4603: Su Yu’s Added Story (53)Su Yu wanted her large EQ. If she wasn’t so mad, she wouldn’t embarra.s.s him so simply.“If for you to do a comply with-up, reach the hospital down the road day. The pros are in this article, and also the hospital gets the equipment,” Huo Mian recommended.Su Yu immediately mailed over the 200 yuan reddish package and reimbursed the go back vacation costs.“You understand how to make meals?” Huo Mian was in disbelief.Su Yu wanted her large EQ. If she wasn’t so annoyed, she wouldn’t embarra.s.s him so simply.“You recognize how to cook?” Huo Mian is at disbelief.It wasn’t that Huo Mian was style, but alternatively, she believed that one shouldn’t be too severe on many others.“I’m a registered nurse.”Su Yu didn’t have numerous opportunities to spend more time with her on their own.“I’m a nurse.”“It must be around 60 yuan. I’ll provide you a reddish colored package and reimburse you.”From the other environment, Su Yu didn’t have numerous possibilities to eat by itself with Huo Mian.Section 4603: Su Yu’s Supplemental History (53)“Sure, you may pay for the fare on your own. I’ll handle you to a feast. I am going to personally prepare food. Think about that?”“Fine.” Ultimately, Huo Mian brought in.“Su Yu, you said by yourself which i researched gynecology… You are not expectant, how can I carry out a check-up for you personally?”Though she and Su Yu often bickered with one another, every person loved Huo Mian’s manners.“Forget it, just number me unlucky. I’ll just pay money for a ride… I don’t want this tiny amount of hard earned cash. I’ll gain a giant amount of money from you sooner or later.”Section 4603: Su Yu’s More Storyline (53)“Alright, good. I really believe in your capability.”He was ingenious to find out that she acquired learned gynecology.“But you went along to a health care university and majored in gynecology. You’re no basic health professional. I think you.”“There’s no coach near my house. Why don’t you call a cab?”It wasn’t that Huo Mian was type, but, she believed that a person shouldn’t be too severe on some others.“I’m merely a health care worker.”

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