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Description: A dedicated server does exactly what it says on the tin. Think of it as the opposite of shared hosting - it’s a server that’s dedicated to you, and only you. So rather than sharing your space with other users, a dedicated server is for your project alone.Whether you’ve outgrown your shared hosting plan or you’re putting together a large-scale project with intensive demands from the start, it’s well worth getting to know a little more about dedicated servers before you invest. Let’s take a look at exactly how dedicated servers work, their core benefits and what you can use them for.How do dedicated servers work?We think TechRadar explain it pretty well:Put simply, a dedicated server provides you with more control, security, and space than shared hosting does. games The question now is “how?”.What are the advantages of dedicated servers?Dedicated servers come with a whole range of benefits that, depending on the specific needs of your project, could really help give you a boost. When your site begins to show signs that it’s struggling to deal with traffic, or your project isn’t performing as it should, it’s worth thinking about the following benefits:Having your own dedicated server means that you know exactly who you’re sharing your space with - no one. That means there’s no risk of malicious sites occupying the same server, which is very important for businesses dealing with financial transactions through SSL or FTP. Plus you get to manage your own security and software updates, so you’ll always know it’s locked up tight how you need it to be.High capacityIt sounds pretty obvious but when you have your own space, there’s more, well, space. A dedicated server gives you the full benefits of having exclusive access to your server’s storage - they come with larger storage capacities, with your space being all yours to do with what you need to. And with Storage Servers, you get even more room for bigger projects.Dedicated performanceWe’ve mentioned dedicated storage, but you’ll also get resources like CPU, RAM and bandwidth all to yourself too. This means you can forget competing against “noisy neighbours” for site performance and enjoy the full power your server’s hardware has to offer.One of the main reasons you might switch to a dedicated server is that you’ve noticed things aren’t moving as smoothly as they should be. The more traffic you receive, the more strain you’re under. With a dedicated server, you can bump up page speeds and project performance, making for a far more positive user experience for your visitors and users.Unique IP addressWhen you operate in a shared server, you don’t know who else is in there with you. If you happen to share a space with a spam or adult site, this will affect how you rank in search engines. Having your own unique IP address means that this is no longer a concern, which is particularly important if you need SSL for credit card processing.What are the disadvantages of dedicated servers?But it’s not all roses with dedicated servers. There can be some drawbacks compared to the alternatives that are worth being aware of when you’re weighing up your options.More expensiveAs you’d expect, a dedicated server is more expensive than a shared server. The range of advantages that a dedicated server brings to the table pushes up its value, so budgeting is crucial in working out what you can afford, and whether it’ll be worth it for your project.More complex to set upTo set up and maintain a dedicated server, you need to be a lot more tech savvy. Owning one comes with a range of daily maintenance tasks, data management, and other duties which you don’t need to worry about with a shared server.More responsibilityWhile on paper dedicated servers are more secure due to increased control, securing your server will be your responsibility. Although hosts can provide advice and guidance on security measures, it ultimately comes down to you to make sure your project is secure.What can you use a dedicated server for?Dedicated servers offer a ton of advantages and can be useful in all sorts of situations. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways people use their dedicated servers.High-traffic sitesIncreased traffic is one of the main reasons you might choose to upgrade your hosting. As your project grows, and your traffic climbs, you’ll probably reach a point where your shared hosting won’t be able to properly support the rate of visitors you’re getting. This will result in slow page speeds and poor user experience for all your new visitors. With its first-class CPU and unlimited bandwidth, a dedicated server will give you the slack you need to welcome in all the new customers you like.GamingYou need instantaneous, uninterrupted communication between devices for a smooth and lag-free gaming session. That’s why getting the server right is absolutely crucial. With most online multiplayer games, the player who set up the game will normally host and play simultaneously. This comes with a load of issues, including lag, crashes, and slow loading times for everyone involved, which, if you ask any gamer, is hell on earth. Dedicated servers provide a stronger hosting alternative, with the room to install your own mods and maps, set your own rules and get away from griefing. minecraft DatabasesThe security of your databases is a top priority. When storing huge amounts of sensitive info, you need to know that it’s safe and secure. A dedicated server will help protect against security breaches, taking away the risks of sharing space with unknown entities. Plus, the extra power allows for rapid writing, processing and access to your stored data.Client sitesIf you’ve got a lot of sites to host, a dedicated server lets you host and manage all sites at the same time, in the same place. It gives you complete control of your customisation and scalability, across every part of your project. And you can keep clients happy with performance that can handle all their sites.What to consider when choosing a dedicated serverWhen choosing a dedicated server, you need to think about what you actually want to get out of switching. There’s a range of options, each tailored to serve a different purpose. So, what should you keep in mind when choosing your dedicated server?A dedicated server protects you from malicious software and spammers, and allows you to implement your own security measures. Different dedicated servers will also allow you to customise your security preferences to different extents. The power is in your hands.They guarantee consistently higher uptime than any other kind of server hosting. But, while this is true across the board for all dedicated servers, there’s still variation amongst different types that you can look into - there’s no such thing as too much research!Operating systemYou need to decide which operating system you want to use for your dedicated server. The two most common options are Linux or Windows, and each has their own advantages. Linux offers more control and customisation but this flexibility comes at the cost of being slightly harder to master as an operating system. Windows is more user friendly, with a user display that Windows users will be used to. That said, it’s also more expensive.Whilst Linux and Windows tend to dominate the OS space, there are other options beyond these two to explore.CPUThe CPU of a server is crucial to its performance. There are two key factors to consider with a CPU: frequency, and how many cores it has. The more cores there are and the higher the frequency, the more powerful the CPU.The two main CPU manufacturers are Intel and AMD. Both are industry-leading companies renowned for their tech but it’s always worth looking up the differences between them.RAMAnother important factor to consider is RAM. The more RAM a dedicated server can offer, the faster it’ll be able to run. Choosing a server with RAM capable of supporting the amount of traffic you expect is vital, but you also have the option to upgrade RAM post-purchase with a lot of servers.ScalabilityWhere do you believe your project is heading? Choosing a server that will support the level of growth you predict to see over the next few years is essential to ensuring that what you’re buying can actually keep up with your project in the long term.Tech supportBeyond the raw technology itself, you can’t underestimate the value of customer support. Being in the dark when things go wrong can be unbearably frustrating, so choosing a provider that will always be on hand to support you is definitely something to consider.BudgetThe main drawback of a dedicated server in comparison with shared hosting is ultimately the cost. However, it can be a valuable investment, so thorough analysis of budgets and costs will make sure you get what you need, and can afford it. If you shop around you’ll usually find industry-leading hosting providers offer deals like getting a % off your server hosting for the first few months.Ready for a Dedi?Whatever stage or size your project is at, you should always be looking to the future. Whether you’re reaching a need for change, or you can see it on the horizon, a dedicated server can provide solutions for a whole host of problems that you may be facing.Thinking a dedicated server might be for you but have some questions? Our sales team can help you figure out which server is the right fit for your project.

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