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Description: Comfortable Tuesday morning, everybody. By now, I am positive most of you realize the big news of the week: Blizzard's registered Mists of Pandaria as a trademark associated to pc video games. May this be the title of our next enlargement? Can all of us count on to be rolling monks or deciding whether or not to make our new panda on the Alliance or Horde facet within the subsequent year or two?It is tough to say for sure. Faked leaks aside, I'm on a wait and see strategy. As MINECRAFT SERVERS LIST , I do not suppose this ensures something. It might be for one thing utterly different, or it could be a "just in case" factor. I've seen sufficient trademarked Harry Potter titles that never saw the sunshine of day to not be cautious. Then again, it might just be my own bias creeping in. MINECRAFT SERVERS LIST 'm nonetheless hoping for an enlargement that's pure Alliance vs. Horde. However hey, if nothing else, no less than we obtained that sweet panda sketch from Anne.So we undoubtedly have extra Mists of Pandaria hypothesis than you may shake a stick at, however there's plenty of different information to peruse as effectively, such because the debut of patch 4.2.0a. Upkeep as we speak will likely be the same old 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. PDT, so it is best to have time to browse. Verify it all out after the break.Hot information and featuresTry the latest patch 4.2 hotfixes for Aug. 4.The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is now on sale. There have been a couple of bugs with it, although; some purchasers have obtained last 12 months's BlizzCon pet.Our Cataclysm post-mortem series continues with a dialogue of Deepholm.Know Your Lore has a special look at the possibilities of a Mists of Pandaria enlargement.WoW Archivist seems to be on the nightmare dragons and patch 1.8.The numbers are in, and so they pretty good. The Cenarion Hatchling pet has raised greater than $1.9 million for Japanese earthquake relief.Class news and guidesScattered Pictures assures you that yes, beastmastery hunters can raid.Encrypted Text has more rogue tips for Firelands.Spiritual Guidance has shadow priest suggestions for Lord Rhyolith. We also answer your Twitter stability questions and offer some more feral cat methods for Firelands.The sunshine And The best way to Swing It has a information to tanking Beth'tilac and Rhyolith. MINECRAFT SERVERS LIST offer a paladin's guide to healing Alysrazor.Lichborne has a information to patch 4.2 demise knight tank raid gear.Shifting Perspectives has more advice for gearing a bear druid in patch 4.2.The Care and Feeding of Warriors gives a information to safety leveling.Totem Speak answers extra of your restoration questions and affords a guide to elemental leveling.Raid Rx discusses using audio cues in raid healing.Arcane Brilliance discusses the state of the frost mage.Blood Pact provides some recommendation to new degree eighty five warlocks.Dungeons, items, professions, PVP, and extraPrepared Test has a information to Baleroc.Addon Spotlight seems to be for tactics to spruce up the Blizzard Raid Frames.WoW Rookie shows you the way to report game footage on a Mac.Gold Capped appears at balancing your inventory in the TradeSkillMaster addon. We also talk about the possibilities of getting wealthy off of an official RMT AH.The OverAchiever appears at grabbing mounts from the Argent Tournament.Odds and endsKnow Your Lore tackles the continuing saga of the people.Check out the latest installment of Secure Passage.Look out, Minecraft -- Ragnaros is coming to your world.15 minutes of Fame talks to a WoW-taking part in grandma. Yes, she knits, too!Seeking to get into the lore? Now we have a chronological guide to all of the WoW-related books, quick tales, comics and manga.The Lawbringer solutions your questions about the Diablo actual-money auction house.The Guild has one more new episode to your approval.All of the World's A Stage provides suggestions for tauren roleplay story hooks.

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