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Description: The team extreme pirated minecraft client actually lead to 5 legit PC license purchases, and 2 pocket edition purchases in my family...If the product is good, piracy leads to sales :)sameMine led to 3 Java licencesIt lead to me buying minecraft in the first place. Before, I was just a cracked launcher player, but the last time I properly played the game on TE was the day I bought Minecraft.Noooooooooooooo, do they still do Minecraft stuff? I remember I plater a lot Minecraft with the team extreme launcherNo. The server is offline and the maps are all now public for download. I just found this out and I'm literally crying as I type this but the TE server as we knew it is truly gone. Even the forums are up for removal per that post. titan launcher for mc 'll put the maps up on torrent when I get home and I want to restart TE so bloody bad but my sh!tty Cox internet has all of 1 Mbps upload.I don’t play Minecraft so I’m out of the loop, how was this a big deal?They were one of the biggest, longest-running pirate servers on the net. Created their own launcher, the "Titan Launcher". Freaking amazing place to play because the staff was merciless on griefers, cheaters and willful idiots.Ex-mod of TE here. TE was one of the biggest pirate servers for MC. People tried it out to see what online multiplayer was like (it got bundled with the TE Launcher, which was also an extremely popular way to pirate MC) then stayed for the community. It was awesome and I was sad to see it go.144 days and people still post here?TE was just that good.TE was the best, now I don't know any server to play on! Thank you for all, the best server to play on!!!Edit: Now I remember, when TE closed I was trying to get any information about you on net, now you are here, is this forum only where people like us try to try to try to get TE up again! Is there any chance for TE, it is enough good for second chance?!?shit people are STILL crying over TE going away. I check back every few weeks to see what has been posted.also, hi :3shit its like im home again seeing all these familiar people here! loving it! so the server went down for good about 200 days ago?Rest in Peace for my TE gameplay..Ive been playing since 2014 and have set my own WR for longest ban evader ever. titan launcher for mc of my accounts lasted 3 years.Well, cant do anything, hehe.Respect for you!!! But, that is not realy true, we can donate(if they listen to us and open donation chanel), stay here, surgest options, if we are extreme we can do it!!!I have good news for everyone . Since teamextreme decided not to reopen raidlands , my team AKA as LOMC are rebuilding it the same just to bring all the memories back and play all together again , soon it will be launched and we will be waiting for all of you to join us and play RAIDLANDS II . Check our youtube trailer for release date . ~LOMCGood luck and thank you! Can you please put link to chanel.

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