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Description: The Minecraft community is replete with different kinds of players, and some aren't pleased with the upcoming Minecraft update. There are Games that bring new features to the game for example, making mobs Lego. There are Redstone masters who create incredible games and devices just because they are able to. The artistic aspect of Minecraft is the thing Minecraft builders enjoy. Then there's Games , who most of all are enjoying the game as the creators intended. Every Minecraft update from Mojang is essential to the development of the game of building, particularly for this particular group. We're still waiting for Minecraft 1.19 The Wild to be updated. We do know that fireflies, along with forests of birchwood aren't included in 1.19. It's possible they will be added later. Many players aren't thrilled with the loss of these creatures, even however, fireflies were something people were excited about. Although it's not all gone, you can understand why players are upset at losing a creature that would alter the climate of a biome at nights. This is evident on the internet in general and especially when it is related to comments on the last two images. Snapshots give players an overview of upcoming features and inform them of what's coming. This means you can look at the Minecraft Allay mob and play with goat horns. Snapshots are sometimes referred to as 22w19a or any other name. This week we received "A New Place', and this week, we have 'A Preview of What's to Come'. Both of these titles suggest intriguing new features and while they're certainly eye-catching however, the comments on Reddit and Youtube have been accused of misleading users about what they actually do. The result is a feeling of mistrust toward Mojang. While Minecraft developers are still working hard to bring new features to the game certain players feel that they aren't being transparent enough. Games causes friction. It's at the point that YouTubers and players are convinced that we'll receive an update that splits.

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