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Description: A new Minecraft game has made its debut at the Xbox Summer Games Fest - one where you'll be able to build structures and command your allies to take on enemies. Xbox Games Studios has showcased a short video clip of Minecraft Legends at the event and also announced the new action strategy game is scheduled to launch in 2023. It was created in collaboration with Blackbird Interactive and will feature an online campaign co-op mode as well as an online multiplayer mode that is competitive. urbanislovar haters gonna hate Dennis Ries, the executive producer of the game said that the studio will reveal more details about the game later in the year. Minecraft Legends will require you to defend the Overworld from an invasion of piglins. You'll have to forge alliances with mobs and lead them into strategic combat against the invaders. Ries has stated that the game will include an exciting adventure that will provide many new and exciting experiences for both novice and seasoned Minecraft players. The studio has only shared only a few details about its upcoming game for now but has promised to reveal more about it soon. To keep up-to-date with the latest news about Minecraft Legends, you can also follow the official Minecraft Legends twitter account.

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